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Belasco Scholarship Fund

I Can Do That! is committed to making an arts education accessible to all. ICDT! officially commenced the Belasco Scholarship Fund as of January 1st, 2022. The BSF is open to any family that is experiencing financial strain or hardship and is in need of assistance. Full and partial scholarships will be granted on an as needed basis at any time throughout the year.  

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The Belasco Scholarship Fund is in remembrance of Eddie Belasco. Eddie was monumental in the lives of Shayna and Jarusha, having helped them develop a foundation in theatre and fostering a passion in the arts. 

Pictured Left: Jarusha, Eddie, & Shayna after a performance of Damn Yankees in 1996

Eddie Belasco

WHere to Start

Step 1: Read the Belasco Scholarship Fund Policy document

Step 2: Fill out the BSF Application Form with your info

Once you have submitted your BSF Application Form, an ICDT! Representative will follow up within two weeks with any questions or will send a response to your request.

If you have any questions please email or call the Center at (925) 217 - 4582

*Looking to donate directly to the Belasco Scholarship Fund?

Please email to allocate your donation to the BSF after completing your donation. 

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