Audition for our mainstage productions!

Our Winter show has already been cast and we are so excited to be working on High School Musical, set to perform in February 2022!

Auditions for our Spring show Guys and Dolls will be taking place the second week of January. Learn more about the production and sign up for an audition here! 

Our next auditions will be held in January 2022!

First Time Auditioners

At your vocal audition we will get to know you a bit and then have you sing. Please prepare two short songs that you are comfortable singing. They can be from a musical or a pop song you love. Be sure to practice with a backing track so we can hear you sing with music. One of the easiest ways to find an accompaniment is to search Youtube for the song title and karaoke, and options should pop up! If you use a backing track that is not on YouTube, please bring it along with you and we can plug your device into our sound system.


Experienced Performers/ICDT! Alumni

Please prepare two contrasting songs that show off your personality, vocal range, and acting ability! If you are interested in a specific role you are welcome to sing one of their songs. Be sure to practice with a backing track and bring it with you (If it’s on YouTube, we can bring it up for you)

*When putting together a cast, we take many things into consideration.We see many auditions each day so the more you can stand out, the better! As you prepare for your audition, keep this in mind*

If there are no upcoming auditions scheduled, you are always welcome to email us an audition video for future consideration!

How to create an Audition Video


  • Your video only needs to be 30 seconds for ICDT!

  • We want to hear you sing and see your personality!

  • Find a quiet space with good lighting

  • Ask a parent or friend to help film if needed, or set up a tripod

  • Clearly tell us your name, age, and song title on camera

  • Sing a portion of a song you know & love

  • It is best to sing along to a backing track so we can hear your voice with music


  • Send your video to: info@ICanDoThatPAC.org

  • Subject Title: Show/Season you are auditioning for

  • Email Body: Please indicate your name, age, and availability


When putting together a cast, we take many things into consideration including age, focus, talent, and work ethic. This year, we are even more limited on the number of performers we can have in the rehearsal studio. Please keep this in mind when auditioning for us!

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Audition FAQ's
Audition FAQ's