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High School Musical

Audition Information

High School Musical is back! Anyone in the previous cast is invited back. Limited audition spaces are available for students 14-18. Check out the info below for the rehearsal and show dates/times. 

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Summer Showcase Rehearsal Information

Our Summer Showcase rehearsals have started! Rehearsal and show information below! We are so excited to have our first show back on stage in over a year!

High school musical 

We are so excited to "Stick to the Status Quo" and bring back High School Musical and can't wait to see you at your audition. Our original production for June 2020 of High School Musical was postponed due to COVID. If you were part of the original 2020 Cast you are guaranteed a spot, BUT we need to have you audition again since you are all a year older now! There are open audition spaces for new students ages 14-18, and we would love to see you there! Please prepare a portion of a song (approx 1 min) to show off your voice & personality! We can't wait to see you "Break Free" at the Performing Arts Center!


Rehearsals Run August 30th- January 27th

*Everyone will come at least 2 days each week depending on role*

  • Mondays 4-6pm (Lead Roles)

  • Tuesdays 4-6pm (Ensemble & Supporting Roles)

  • Wednesdays 4-6pm (Main & Supporting Dancers)

  • Thursdays 4-6pm (Full Cast)


Days Off:

  • Labor Day Monday, 9/6

  • Thanksgiving Week (Monday, 11/22- Thursday, 11/26)

  • Holiday Weeks (12/20- 1/3)

  • Martin Luther King Day 1/17

Tuition: $1,500

Performance Information 

Tech Week at Del Valle Theatre in Walnut Creek

(location subject to change)

  • Mon. 1/24 from 4pm-9pm

  • Tues. 1/25 from 4pm-9pm

  • Wed. 1/26 from 4pm-9pm

  • Thurs. 1/27 from 4pm-9pm



Performances at Del Valle Theatre in Walnut Creek

(location subject to change)

  • Fri. 1/28 @ 7pm (call time 5pm)

  • Sat.1/29 @ 2pm & 7pm (call time 12pm)

  • Sun. 1/30 @ 2pm (call time 12pm)

  • Fri. 2/4 @ 7pm (call time 5pm)

  • Sat. 2/5@ 2pm & 7pm (call time 12pm)

  • Sun. 2/6 @ 2pm (call time 12pm)

ICDT!'s 1st Summer Showcase 2016

Summer Showcase 2021

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Our 2021 SUMMER SHOWCASE has been cast! We are excited to work with all of you!

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: July 12th-30th (3 weeks)

Summer Showcase ONE :  Mondays & Wednesdays

Summer Showcase TWO :  Tuesdays & Thursdays

Rehearsal Times

Ages 8 -12: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Ages 12 -18: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Tuition: $200


We are happy to announce the final performance will be held at Del Valle Theatre in Walnut Creek! We understand the CDC's Covid health & safety guidelines are changing rapidly so exact details of the Summer Showcase Performance will be announced as they are determined.

below is what to expect when Auditioning for our mainstage Broadway-style musicals!
Our Mainstage Productions are audition based. If you would like to be considered for one of our full scale musicals in the future, here is everything you need to know about auditioning with us!

First Time Auditioners

At your vocal audition we will get to know you a bit and then have you sing. Please prepare two short songs that you are comfortable singing. They can be from a musical or a pop song you love. Be sure to practice with a backing track so we can hear you sing with music. One of the easiest ways to find an accompaniment is to search Youtube for the song title and karaoke, and options should pop up! If you use a backing track that is not on YouTube, please bring it along with you and we can plug your device into our sound system.


Experienced Performers/ICDT! Alumni

Please prepare two contrasting songs that show off your personality, vocal range, and acting ability! If you are interested in a specific role you are welcome to sing one of their songs. Be sure to practice with a backing track and bring it with you (If it’s on YouTube, we can bring it up for you)

*When putting together a cast, we take many things into consideration.We see many auditions each day so the more you can stand out, the better! As you prepare for your audition, keep this in mind*

How to create an Audition Video


  • Your video only needs to be 30 seconds for ICDT!

  • We want to hear you sing and see your personality!

  • Find a quiet space with good lighting

  • Ask a parent or friend to help film if needed, or set up a tripod

  • Clearly tell us your name, age, and song title on camera

  • Sing a portion of a song you know & love

  • It is best to sing along to a backing track so we can hear your voice with music


  • Send your video to: info@ICanDoThatPAC.org

  • Subject Title: Show you are auditioning for

  • Email Body: Please indicate your name, age, and availability


When putting together a cast, we take many things into consideration including age, focus, talent, and work ethic. This year, we are even more limited on the number of performers we can have in the rehearsal studio. Please keep this in mind when auditioning for us!