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Our Commitment to Inclusivity:

ICDT! is committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment focused on teamwork, learning, and growth. All students are encouraged to strive for their best performance and every student is eligible for any role regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or body type.


The Reality of Auditions:

We know disappointment is inevitable in the world of theatre, and that dealing with rejection is part of an actor’s job. Auditioning takes courage and we commend everyone for going through the process, being vulnerable, and opening yourself up to possible disappointment. Our entire team grew up in theatre and we have all experienced the excitement and disappointment of being cast, or not cast, in a show. Thank you for putting yourselves out there!


We Offer Feedback to Support Your Growth & Goals:

Our team spends hours discussing and placing each cast member in the best role possible based on what they have seen in the rehearsal room, in auditions, and in past performances when applicable. Not to mention taking into account the talent and experience of every other student who auditions for the production. Every choice has multiple reasons behind it and we are always open to giving feedback if your child is interested in growing as a performer. Written feedback will be provided upon request, please email to receive individualized feedback on your audition. Our casting director will respond with a constructive critique on areas to improve your performance.


Trust Us:

Casting is the hardest part of our job and we take it extremely seriously. We are professionals when it comes to casting and we ask for your trust in our expertise. 

Each show has its own set of needs and challenges when it comes to roles, and we look at each production as its own entity. We would love to give every child an equal sized role, unfortunately this is simply not how productions are built. Please know, we are always doing our best!

*In order to help you prepare for your audition, below is a list of everything we take into consideration when casting.

Colored Theatre Lights
Castin Policy


  • Students interested in participating in a Jr. Production or Mainstage Production are REQUIRED to audition to participate in the show. 

  • When you sign up for a Kids Production, you are committing to being part of the cast. There is no guarantee that you will be cast as a lead, supporting, or any named role. Everyone is guaranteed to be part of the ensemble (group who does not have solo lines, but acts as a whole and participates in many important scenes throughout the show)


  • Refunds will not be given if you choose to leave a show after casting is complete.


  • Taking voice lessons or other classes at ICDT! does not guarantee being cast or given a lead role. However, continued training is extremely beneficial to the growth of each student.


  • There is no limit on how many times an individual can be given the lead role. Casting is done on a show-to-show basis by the criteria below.


  • All casting decisions are final. Directors will not discuss casting decisions with students or parents, or reconsider decisions made. We will offer constructive feedback upon request.


  • Roles are not based on if your family has made a donation.

Casting Consideration

TAKE A LOOK at everything Directors are considering when CASTING a show:


  • Pitch

  • Tone

  • Musicality (rhythm/ timing/ dynamics)

  • Projection

  • Technique

  • Articulation/Enunciation

  • Vocal Range

  • Expression through music



  • Character & Expression

  • Stage Presence

  • Ability to take direction

  • Versatility

  • Line memorization

  • Projection & Enunciation

  • Physicality 



  • Coordination

  • Technique

  • Style & Grace

  • Spacial awareness

  • How quickly they pick up movement



  • Preparedness (How well your audition is presented)

  • Focus and attention span

  • Collaboration (How do they work with others?)

  • Work ethic

  • Professionalism

  • Level of respect for directors and fellow actors

  • Are they ready to take on a leadership role?

  • Are they kind to their peers?

  • Do they show up prepared?

  • Are they a positive role model?

  • Were they confident in front of their peers?



If we have worked with this student before:

  • What was their work ethic like?

  • How was their behavior with cast members?

  • Did they have a positive attitude?

  • Did they excel in their role/ go above and beyond?

If they are new to ICDT!:

  • Have they been in a show before?

  • Have they carried a lead before?

  • Have they studied voice or dance privately?



What does the character call for vocally?

  • Can they reach the notes (high or low)

  • What is the vocal quality needed (contemporary pop/ classical/ bright clear sound/etc.)

  • Do they need to harmonize with others in the role?

What does the character call for acting wise?

  • Does this actor embody this character

  • Are they making interesting choices

  • Chemistry: How does this actor connect on stage with another actor?

Where is the best fit for each cast member?

  • Which role will stretch them the most and help them grow

  • Which skills are they still working on

How to help Your Child with disappointment


By participating in an ICDT! production, every cast member is learning teamwork, growing their skills in acting, singing, and dancing, strengthening their emotional intelligence, and feeling the pride of being a part of an amazing show regardless of the size of their role. Our emphasis is on teamwork, rather than the spotlight or size of each role, and we believe everyone is integral in telling the story on stage. Please talk to your child about what they can expect from this experience and go over this information with them. If your child comes in with an open mind, they will feel the joy of being part of something bigger than themselves, and telling a story with their peers. Remind them casting is like solving a puzzle, there is an important place for every piece.


We know that no matter what choices we make, the results of casting will disappoint many of our students and we understand it is upsetting to watch your child experience these emotions. We believe this is a great opportunity to teach resilience and grit in a low stakes environment, which will ultimately prepare these kids for tougher disappointments that will come later in life. Let them express their feelings, it is completely normal to feel upset. Then help them see the bigger picture, shift their outlook, and move forward with a positive attitude. Share this page with them and see if they can self-evaluate. Take them through the above list of casting criteria and help them find areas they can work on for next time. Every student is on their own journey.


Classes are a great opportunity to grow your skills in a specialized area of acting, singing, or dancing! Through classes, you will have the opportunity to work on a vocal solo or a scene, receive individualized feedback, and gain tools to be a dynamic performer. If you wish to carry a lead role, but are continuously getting cast as a smaller part, it may be time to consider a class so you can be more ready to take on a role in a production. If you are not cast in a Mainstage show, and would like to continue pursuing theatre, we recommend taking a skills based class so you can strengthen your performance capacity. Reach out to us if you would like a personal recommendation on what type of training would be best for you!

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