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Mainstage Productions

Ages 14-18

ICDT!'s MAINSTAGE PRODUCTIONS are audition based, fully staged Broadway- style musicals for ages 14 - 18, which perform twice a year at the Del Valle Theatre in Walnut Creek, CA.


Rehearses September to January

Performs End of January

Auditions held Mid-April


Rehearses February to May

Performs Mid- May

Auditions held in October


Fall MainStage Production!

Del Valle Theatre, Walnut Creek
January 26th - February 4th, 2024
Fridays @ 7PM 
Saturdays @ 2PM & 7PM 
Sundays @ 2PM

Get Tickets in October!
Current Auditions

Spring Mainstage 2024
Auditions October 7th & 8th

Rehearsal & Performance

Details Below!

Ages 14-18


@ ICDT! Performing Arts Center

February 13th - May 2nd, 2024

  • Mondays 4 - 6pm (Lead Roles)

  • Tuesdays 4 - 6pm (Full Cast)

  • Wednesdays 4 - 6pm (Featured Dancers)

  • Thursdays 4 - 6pm (Full Cast)


  • Presidents' Day (February 19th & 20th)

  • SRVSD No School (March 15th)

  • Spring Break (March 29th - April 7th)

TUITION: $1,250

Tech & Performance Details

@ Del Valle Theatre, Walnut Creek

*LOAD - IN: Sun. May 5th from 10am - 5pm



  • Mon. 5/6 from 4pm - 9pm

  • Tues.  5/7 from 4pm - 9pm

  • Wed. 5/8 from 4pm - 9pm

  • Thurs. 5/9 from 4pm - 9pm


May 10th - May 19th, 2024

  • Fridays @ 7pm (call time 5pm)

  • Saturdays @ 2pm & 7pm (call time 12pm)

  • Sundays @ 2pm (call time 12pm)


Urinetown Audition Information

GENERAL AUDITIONS October 7th & 8th from 9am - 5pm (Required):

At your 10 minute audition time slot, we will be asking you to sing two prepared song selections (approx. 30 seconds each from a Broadway Musical) and read a selected scene from the show. In the link below, please find all audition materials including an audition form, audition sides, and a list of characters & synopsis of the show. All auditioners must fill out the audition form prior to their audition.

DANCE AUDITIONS October 9th or 11th 7:30pm - 8:30pm (Optional):

We will be warming up as a group and learning a short dance combination together. If you wish to be considered as a Featured Dancer, sign up for our Dance Call.

CALLBACKS October 14th from 9am - 5:30pm (By Invitation Only):

If we are considering you for a lead or supporting role in the show, you may have a callback! At callbacks you will be asked to learn & sing a portion of a song from the show, and read a scene or two. We will provide more details if you are selected for a callback after your general audition.


Mainstage Audition FAQ'S


*Please know we are not able to cast everyone who auditions. We usually have around 75 students audition for each production, and we generally accept around 50 cast members per show.

All Mainstage cast members are held to a high standard of professionalism and are required to put in the hard work that comes with putting on a show. This includes rehearsing as a team, taking responsibility for their role, refining harmonies, working on their own at home, and performing on a professional stage for a large audience! Auditions are necessary to determine who is ready for this level of professionalism. Everyone must complete a general audition & a dance or movement call in order to be considered for a Mainstage Production.


If one show isn't the right fit, keep trying because the next one might be!

Dealing with rejection is incredibly disappointing, and something actors experience often. If you aren’t cast, remind yourself that there are some things within your control (Was I prepared? Did I do my best? Did I let my nerves take over?) and some things you can't control (Who else auditioned? What are the casting directors looking for? How many people do they need?) When putting together a cast, we take many things into consideration and a lot of it is out of your hands. Focus on the things you can control: You can always take classes and practice to get stronger in order to increase your chances for next time. In theatre, there is always going to be someone out there working harder who might be better for the role. Continue training and strengthening your skills and come back to audition again!


*As you prepare for your audition, keep in mind we see many auditions each day so the more you can stand out, the better!

First Time Auditioners

At your general audition we will get to know you a bit and make sure you feel comfortable before having you sing. Please prepare a short selection (30 seconds) from two different songs that you love singing. They can be from a musical or a pop song you love. Be sure to practice with a backing track so we can hear you sing with music. One of the easiest ways to find an accompaniment is to search Youtube for the song title and karaoke, and options should pop up! If you use a backing track that is not on YouTube, please bring it along with you and we can plug your device into our sound system. We may also ask you to read a portion of a scene to get an idea of your acting abilities. 

*Nerves are perfectly normal when auditioning, we recommend focusing on the experience of getting to sing (something you love!) rather than the outcome. Remember, the directors are on your side and want you to succeed. By going out of your comfort zone, you are growing & stretching and can be truly proud of yourself for going for it!


Experienced Performers/ICDT! Alumni

Please prepare 30 second portions of two contrasting songs that show off your personality, vocal range, and acting ability! If you are interested in a specific role you are welcome to sing one of their songs from the show. Be sure to practice with a backing track, no acapella please! You will also be asked to read a portion of a scene, please be prepared with the appropriate character side if you are interested in a specific role.


*Attendance is optional

DANCE CALL: At each round of auditions we hold one open dance call for anyone who is interested in being a dancer in the upcoming show. If cast as a dancer, you would attend an extra day of rehearsals on Wednesdays and perform in featured dance numbers in the show. The dance audition is a little like taking a group dance class. You will be lead through a warm up and taught a short combination or two. Once everyone has learned the dance combination together, you will perform it in small groups of about 3-5 people at a time.


*If there are no upcoming auditions scheduled or if you will be out of town during auditions, you are always welcome to email us an audition video for consideration!


  • Your video only needs to be approx 1 minute

  • We want to hear you sing and see your personality!

  • Find a quiet space with good lighting

  • Ask a parent or friend to help film if needed, or set up a tripod

  • Clearly tell us your name, age, and song title on camera

  • Sing a portion of a song you know & love

  • Make sure you sing along to a backing track so we can hear your voice with music!

  • If you are auditioning for a specific role, please select a scene from our audition materials


  • Send your video to:

  • Subject Title: Mainstage Show or Season (Fall/Spring) you are auditioning for

  • Email Body: Please indicate your name, age, and availability

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