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Can You Feel A Brand New Day? from the Wiz, in our Summer Showcase

Welcome to ICDT!

About Us

Welcome! We are I Can Do That! Performing Arts Center, a local non-profit theatre company based in Danville. ICDT! was founded in 2016 and we opened the doors to our beautiful Performing Arts Center in March of 2021. Our mission is to foster empowered, flourishing youth through sustained community, wellness, and the power of the performing arts.

We are passionate about offering stellar training in acting, singing, & dancing, with an emphasis on building confidence, community, and connection in our youth. We offer a wide range of classes to our community including Youth Musical Productions, skill building theatre classes, Music & Movement for little ones, Space Rental, Community Events, and much more to come!

We Believe in the Power Of

BELONGING: We all need a place to be valued, accepted, and celebrated.

Learning: All things are possible through curiosity, determination, and creative expression.

Connecting: Life is made rich through nourishing our relationships with ourself, our peers, and our community.

Pajama Game
Broadway Showcase

Our Promises

  • You will be challenged

  • You will be accepted, supported, and loved

  • You will learn and be expanded

  • You will explore your creativity

  • You will be surrounded by an optimistic worldview

  • You will become more of who you are meant to be

  • You will be a part of a vibrant community

Our Roots

ICDT! stems from an existing family of theatre lovers bonded by The Belasco Theatre Company  where Co-Founders Shayna and Jarusha spent the majority of their childhood. It was through the Belasco experience that their love of theatre grew and the seed of ICDT! was planted. Looking back on the unique experience they were given through Belasco, they knew it was an important gift they needed to pass on. The friendships and community that develop within a theatre company are so precious, especially in a world where we are linked so tightly with technology rather than ourselves and others. ICDT! is not only looking to develop talented performers, but to give our youth the tools needed to mature into confident, creative adults who will succeed in anything they put their minds to!

Shayna and Jarusha with Eddie Belasco

Shayna & Jarusha are carrying on the Legacy of Edward Belasco.

Photo from 1996 production of Damn Yankees at Del Valle Theatre, Walnut Creek

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