Can You Feel A Brand New Day? from the Wiz, in our Summer Showcase

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster empowered, flourishing youth through sustained community, wellness, and the power of the performing arts.

We Believe In The Power Of


We all need a place to be valued, accepted, and celebrated.


All things are possible through curiosity, determination, and creative expression.


Life is made rich through nourishing our relationships with ourself, our peers, and our community.

Sit Down You're Rockin the Boat, from Guys & Dolls in our Summer Showcase

Our Promises

  • You will be challenged

  • You will be accepted, supported, and loved

  • You will learn and be expanded

  • You will explore your creativity

  • You will be surrounded by an optimistic worldview

  • You will become more of who you are meant to be

  • You will be a part of a vibrant community