We are Hiring!

ICDT! is now hiring for multiple positions! Check out our current openings below! If you're interested in one of these positions please send a cover letter and resumé to Info@ICanDoThatPAC.org

Café Manager

ICDT! is seeking a Café Manager that is motivated to grow with our company! We have a small café within our center, with room for 1-2 employees at a time. Our café opens when students are out of school and runs into the early evening hours (approx. 3:00pm - 7:00pm). During the Summer we run 8 weeks of summer camps from 9am - 5pm and the cafe is open the full day.


Our main customer demographic is students (aged 4-18) and their families. We are looking for a person who would love to manage and grow the café and its ~10 employees. The position is currently part-time, but could transition to a full-time position.

The role will require wearing many hats, including menu planning, training students, creating systems, and being on your toes. We are essentially a startup and we are looking for a person who is excited to be innovative and grow with the company. If you are upbeat, positive, love working with kids, and agree with our mission, we would love to have you onboard!


  • August - May: Monday - Friday 1:00pm - 7:00pm (times subject to change depending on hours of our programming)

  • June & July: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm (or later if possible)

Pay Rate:

  • $25/hour

Required Experience: 

  • POS System

  • Café/Barista

Desired Experience: 

  • Management

  • Square

  • Food Handling Managers Certificate

Job Responsibilities

  • General café management including:

    • Tracking, managing, and organizing café inventory

    • Shopping & ordering for the café

    • Updating Square (POS system)

    • Cleaning and laundry for café

    • Checking cash drawer, verifiying incoming receipts from café and depositing cash to bank

  • Employee management, including

    • Hiring and training youth and adult café employees,

    • Communicating with staff, doing performance reviews, etc.

    • Scheduling of café staff

    • Communication with management team

  • Creating and maintaining café systems including

    • Updating the training manual​

    • Re-evalulating menu offerings

Job Skills and Mindset

  • Positive go-getter

  • Great customer service

  • Enjoys working with students ages 4-18+ and their families

  • Great communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Ability to adapt quickly

  • Solution-oriented

  • Ability to delegate tasks

  • Detail-oriented

  • Good with numbers/basic math

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resumé to info@icandothatpac.org.

Media Manager

ICDT! is seeking a Media Manager that is motivated to grow with our company! This role would be responsible for creating and running our social media presence, print and digital marketing items, website updates and video creation. 


This job has the ability to potentially grow into a full time position.


  • August - May: Mondays - Fridays 1:00pm - 6:00pm (times can be flexible)

  • June & July: Mondays - Fridays 10:00am - 3:00pm (times can be flexible

Pay Rate:

  • $25/hour

Required Experience: 

  • Creating social media content

  • Using a social media management software (we use SmarterQueue)

  • Canva or other similar design program

  • Excellent spelling and grammar & attention to detail

Desired Experience: 

  • Experience with Constant Contact

  • Ability to create video content 

  • Comfortable with website design (we use Wix)

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Social Media:

    • Creating and running evergreen posts

    • Taking photos and videos in our classes and production rehearsals to use for social media posts and stories

    • Taking photos and videos around the Center and of families to use for social media

    • Attending some performances (a few weekends a year) to create and post show-related content

    • Using social media posts to generate interest in our programming and to emphasize ICDT’s fun-loving spirit of community

  • Website Design and Updates:

    • Updating the website as our season and offerings change

  • Graphic Design:

    • For our show posters and postcards

    • For around the center print content

    • For social media posts

    • For any outreach marketing

Desired Experience: 

  • Positive go-getter

  • Team player; enjoys working with others and being in collaboration

  • Enjoys being with students aged 4-18+ and their families

  • Great communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Ability to adapt quickly

  • Solution-oriented

  • Ability to ask for help or guidance when needed

  • Self-started and independent worker

  • Great customer service

  • Ability to create and maintain systems

  • Detail-oriented

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resumé to info@icandothatpac.org.

Set Designer

ICDT! is looking for a set designer for our next mainstage show - The Music Man!

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Create a set design for Music Man (read the script, determine what set elements are needed for each scene)

  • Generate the plans for building the set pieces

  • Work with the director to finalize their design and build plan

  • Make a list of required building materials and purchase those materials (will be reimbursed)

  • Build, or supervises building and painting of the sets with assistance from volunteers from the center

  • Oversee the load-in process at the theatre and assembly of sets onstage 

  • Assist with load out and any deconstruction of sets

Show Schedule: 

  • Rehearsals begin Tuesday, September 6, 2022

  • Load-In: Sunday, January 22, 2023

  • Tech Week: January 23 - 26, 2023

  • Performances: January 27 - February 5, 2023​​

  • Load-Out: February 5, 2023


Performances will be at Del Valle Theatre in Walnut Creek.

Music Director

ICDT! is looking for a music director for our next mainstage shows!

Job Requirements: 

  • Able to read music well

  • Can play the piano

  • Likes to work with kids/teens

Job Responsibilities

  • Attend some rehearsals (Monday - Thursday from 4-6pm) - exact dates TBD and flexible

  • Teach the music to the kids at the beginning of the rehearsal process, then come back periodically to check in and clean/review vocals

  • Simplify and adjust harmonies to work with kids/teens experience level

  • Transpose songs as needed

  • Record rehearsal tracks of each part for kids to practice at home

Volunteer Positions

Now Seeking Volunteer Director's Assistants!

summer camp sandwich board (1640 × 924 px) (Instagram Post).png

About the Position!

Age Requirement: 12 & up!

ICDT!'s volunteer Director's Assistant positions are a great way to see what it's like to be a teaching artist! Director's Assistants will be trained by a professional ICDT! Director and get inside experience working with students, helping with planning and executing curriculum, and are a valued part of the ICDT! team! It's a great resume builder and also a ton of fun! 

Director’s Assistant hours will be tracked and can be reported as community service and internship hours. The ICDT! Directors will be more than happy to write letters of recommendation.


  • Help students in & out of cars upon arrival and departure

  • Help students keep their personal items in their assigned spots

  • Update Jackrabbit iPad with student attendance each day

  • Accompany students to & from restroom when needed

  • Help students stay on track and redirect their attention in class 

  • Participate in class activities and assist the Directors as needed

  • Demonstrate good student behavior and set an example for the kids!

  • Clean up the studio before & after student arrival/departure

Skills & Qualities: 

  • Loves working with kids

  • Performing arts experience

  • Enthusiastic personality

  • Good at planning and organizing

  • Self starter

  • Able to problem solve

  • Can work under pressure

Classes That Need Your Help!

  • Broadway Voice

  • Theatre Games

  • Music and Movement

  • Music with Marcia

  • Seussical Kids

  • Seussical Jr.

If you're interested, please fill out and send your application to Info@ICanDoThatPAC.org!


  • Community Outreach

  • Fundraising

  • Social Media

  • Marketing


  • Planning & Set-Up 

  • Raffle & Auction Organization


  • Set Building

  • Tech Crew

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Costume alterations

At the Center

  • Pick Up & Drop Off Supervision

  • Camp Counselors

  • Director's Assistants

Other Employment Opportunities


Teaching artists

We love connecting with local Teaching Artists who specialize in all things Theatre, especially Acting, Voice, or Dance!

Please email your resume to Jarusha@ICanDoThatPAC.org