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Student & Parent Testimonials

ICDT! Alumni

Ryan Styne


"You guys saw something in me that I was too scared to look for, and because of that, I have been able to find my passion."

ICDT Student & Parent

Jennifer Clary


"We are so glad we stumbled into the village theater last year to watch ICDT's production of Bye Bye Birdie! Since then our daughter has performed in 8 shows, made lifelong friends and has been welcomed, taught and encouraged by the most wonderful team of Jarusha and Shayna!"

ICDT! Alumni

Morgan Rountree


"Everyday just coming to see these people who want you to do well, and they don't judge you for anything, and they just let you be you. It's the best experience and I just think that everyone deserves to feel that way"

ICDT! Student

Kate Conner


"I've had so much fun this summer. I met new friends, I learned a lot about singing. I was opened to a lot of new Broadway shows. It is so much fun! You have to join I Can Do That!" 

ICDT! Family

Kim Donati


"I’ve dreamed of my kids participating in a theater program which built self-confidence, made friends, and loved rehearsing and performing. I’ve found all this with “ICDT”. 

They come home with smiles on their faces and that makes me happy as a mom!"

ICDT! Alumni

Kiernan Hansen


"You both have been such amazing teachers/directors/choreographers/role models. I don't want to even think about a life where I had not auditioned for Little Shop because I know it would be a lesser version of me. I have never felt more safe, loved, welcomed, or at home anywhere like I have spending time at ICDT."

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