Meet the Team

*Shayna & Jarusha are carrying on the Legacy of Edward Belasco. CLICK HERE to read their history and learn where their vision for the Performing Arts Center began!

Our Teaching Staff

Rosie Corr

Benny Garcia

Sarah Schori

Katie Turley, Teaching Artist

Katie Turley

Our Board of Directors

Shayna Ronen

Jarusha Ariel

Rae Corr

Clay Rosenthal

Shanti Belasco

Jake Nicholson

Our Roots

 ICDT! stems from an existing family of theatre lovers bonded by The Belasco Theatre Company  where Co-Founders Shayna and Jarusha spent the majority of their childhood. It was through the Belasco experience that their love of theatre grew and the seed of ICDT! was planted. Looking back on the unique experience they were given through Belasco, they know it was an important gift they need to pass on. The friendships and community that develop within a theatre company are so precious, especially in a world where we are linked so tightly with technology rather than ourselves and others. ICDT! is not only looking to develop talented performers, but to give our youth the tools needed to mature into confident, creative adults who will succeed in anything they put their minds to!

Shayna & Jarusha with Edward Belasco, 1997