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Recommendations for Private Voice Teachers 

Tielle Baker, Private Vocal Instructor

Private Vocal Instructor

Tielle baker

  • Vocal techniques tailored for each Student

  • Breath Control, Phonation, Resonation, Diction

  • Building confidence through music

(925) 967-4640


Private Vocal Instructor

Todd fortier

  • Exercises for healthy vocal production to release the students organic voice

  • Positive, supportive environment to build confidence and artistic expression

  • CCM, Musical Theater, and Classical styles 



Private Vocal Instructor

Micaela groman

  • Empower young performers

  • Improve breath support, diction, and resonance

  • Act through song



Private Vocal Instructor

Chad somers

  • Grow in technical mastery to uncover authentic voice

  • Studio classes to develop genuine artistic expression 

  • College prep program for musical theater or classical voice


Katie Turley, Private Vocal Instructor

Private Vocal Instructor

Katie Turley page

  • Proper belting & breath techniques

  • Stage Presence

  • Loves all ages, but especially young performers!

(925) 708-7511


Private Vocal Instructor

elizabeth whitney

  • Body Mapping for better vocal support

  • Mindfulness

  • Specializes in older middle school age and up


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