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We need your help creating a joyful space for our youth community to connect and flourish!

Your donation is tax-deductible as per California Law.

I Can Do That Theatre Company’s

Tax ID: 32-0397181


Founder's Circle

Cafe: $150,000
Studio A : (Named!)
Studio B: $100,000
Studio C: $100,000
Office: (Named!)
Courtyard: $75,000
Costume Room: $65,000

Major Contributors will name a studio and be welcomed into our distinguished Founders Circle. You will work with our artist to create your own design, and tell your family's story, which will become a permanent fixture in your space. Additionally, you will be invited to special shows and events throughout the year.

Donor Wall

Legacy: $50,000

Visionary: $25,000

Enthusiast: $10,000

Donors at this level will be celebrated with their family's name permanently etched on to our Artisan-crafted Donor Wall, which will be prominently displayed along the main wall of the new Center.

Expansion Breakdown

Every penny donated will be tax deductible and goes directly into our 501(c)3 charitable fund. 100% of these funds will be used for the renovation of the space to make it safe, functional, and comfortable for our kids & the general expansion of our company. 

*these are estimated costs based on the bids we have received & are subject to change. 

Producer: $5,000

Director: $1,000

Supporter: $500

Patron: $100


Donors at this level will be featured on our No Day But Today  donor listings, production programs, website recognition, and on our new Center's digital display boards.

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