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Performing Arts Center

The I Can Do That! Performing Arts Center uses the power of community, wellness, and the performing arts to fuel our youth; the individuals who will become the problem solvers, citizens and leaders we need in this world.


We are a 501 (c) (3) organization and every donation helps to support our mission to empower youth through the arts.

Your donation is tax-deductible as per California Law. 

I Can Do That! Performing Arts Center's Tax ID: 32-0397181

Pippin 2017, Village Theatre Danville

I Can Do That! is in the process of constructing a brand new Sustaining Donor Wall. This wall will visually display the names of the individuals, organizations, businesses, and foundations who have helped further I Can Do That!’s mission and goals. 


Our Sustaining Donor Wall will be a growing, permanent work of art in the Performing Arts Center. We will be hiring a local muralist to create a work of art that your donor plaques will be displayed on. 

Sustaining Donor Wall 

new donor wall

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to have a plaque on the donor wall?

A minimum donation of $5,000 will ensure your place on ICDT’s Sustaining Donor Wall.


Who will be included on the wall?

Individuals, Businesses, Foundations, plaques in honor of or in memory of loved ones.


What will the plaques look like?

The plaques are acrylic rectangles with black lettering. Because they are opaque you will be able to read the wording on the plaque but still be able to see through to the mural behind it. 

Are there different sized plaques?

No. All plaques will be exactly the same size. 

What will be on my plaque?

As a donor, you are free to write what you want on your plaque whether it is a name, business name, a quote or a message to someone.


What will the Sustaining Donor Wall look like?

We are in the process of narrowing down our list of local artists to paint a mural….


If I give next year will I get another plaque on the Wall?

Sustaining Donor Plaques are made to last a lifetime. Each year if you choose to give $5,000 again a *button* will be added to the bottom of your plaque indicating that you are a continuing donor.


By when do I need to donate to be included on the Sustaining Donor Wall?

Anytime! Once we receive your donation and discuss the look of your plaque will be able to mount your plaque within the month!

How many plaques can fit on the Sustaining Donor Wall?

Hundreds! The hope is that as ICDT continues to grow over the decades, this Donor Wall will grow with it!

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