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ICDT! Summer Showcase 2019, Village Theatre


Frequently asked Questions for the Performing arts Center

Is the ICDT! PAC a non-profit?

The I Can Do That Theatre Company is a 501 ©(3)non profit. This means that each penny earned or raised is funneled back into the programming serving our youth. We have no investors and no individuals that have any ownership of the company. ICDT is run by a Board of Directors and is dedicated to creating a sustainable company that will serve the community for decades to come. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! We are a 501(c)(3) non profit, your donations are tax deductible as per stated in California Law. The I Can Do That Theatre Company’s tax id number 32-0397181. 

Is there parking for the Arts Center?

Although there is no dedicated parking on the premises, there are 4 free public parking lots within 3 blocks of the Center as well as free street parking.

Why hasn’t the I Can Do That Theatre Company done fundraising in the past? 

Although ICDT is a 501(c)(3) non profit we have been running our company to not depend on donations. We have wanted to and have created a self sustaining business that can support itself through the inevitable ups and downs of running a company. Because of this we have never needed to fundraise. However, now that our company is expanding significantly we need the support of our community to bring the project to life. Once the capital campaign is completed and we are operating in the new center, it is our intention to remain a self sustaining company that does not rely on donations.

What happened to the Belasco Theatre Project?

As many know, there is an abandoned theatre in Danville that has stood unfinished and vacant for over 20 years. The theatre is connected to an operating business park less than a mile from Downtown Danville. In 2017, we were in the process of raising money to bring the theatre to life. We were moving forward regarding leasing the theatre portion of the building and were reassured by the building owner that we were the only entity interested in and working on anything related to this building and had been assured that we would be notified if there was any outside interest. Unbeknownst to us, the owner began talks with another entity and chose to sell the property to a new owner. While we were shocked and incredibly disappointed, we were hoping this could be a win-win for ICDT and the new building owner. Unfortunately, the new owner was not interested in leasing the theatre space. The money raised for that project has been untouched and held safely for use in the arts in Danville. We have and will be contacting all donors for this project to get their permission to use their donated amount toward the new I Can Do That Performing Arts Center. 

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